The House

Mas Campolier is a charming farmhouse from the 15th century. It is located in the valley of La Miana. The house is accompanied by a huge old oak tree and many forests full of mushrooms. There are many variety of trees and medicinal plants, you can even find some wild orchids with a bit of luck. The fauna of La Miana is also very rich. You can observe different kinds of birds and with luck you can also see some wild boar or a roe deer. There are badgers, hedgehogs, and a multicolored variety of butterflies and dragonflies.

This place invites you to disconnect from stress and reconnect with nature. There is no television or Wifi inside the apartments. It is a space where you can disconnect completely from everything. (For those who need to be connected, there are Wifi access points in the garden).

The Miana valley has something special: there is no pollution of any kind, neither light or sound. As we are in the middle of the forest, during the nights, apart from being able to appreciate a starry sky, you can also hear sounds of animals such as the Owl or the Fox.


Mas Campolier has an independent energy system of solar panels and auxiliary generator. For this reason we ask our guests to be aware of the good use of water and light. The use of hair dryer is prohibited.


Surroundings – Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa


We are located between Besalú (medieval town of great historical and cultural importance) and Olot (capital of our reion, La Garrotxa, located in the middle of the volcanic zone).

In La Garrotxa there are many activities to do and places of interest to visit, awaits you a world full of nature and beauty!